Foundation Principles

Foundation Principles

The body a has a foundation of health. When that foundation is strong and functional, good health and well-being abound.

When the health foundation of the body is compromised it leads to illness and pain.

The Universal Health Method focuses on evaluating and strengthening the foundation of health in the body.

Even when someone is experiencing some kind of illness or symptoms, we understand the foundation of health to be the first place to address in bringing the body to optimum.

Many symptoms resolve on their own when the foundation of health is restored. And for any symptoms that remain after the foundation has been repaired, doesn’t it make sense to approach healing from a strong foundation, rather than a weak and unstable one?

The Seven Foundational Pillars of Health

  1. 1.Adrenal System: The adrenal gland of the body is often referred to as the “fight or flight” gland because it responds to stress in our environment. Most are well aware that stress can and does play a major role in weakening the immune system and body. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland and is found to be imbalanced in many health conditions. High cortisol levels and high insulin levels go together and precede conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Low cortisol levels are found to precede most reproductive hormone imbalances in both men and women. If a reproductive hormone imbalance has been addressed without checking cortisol levels, the reason for the imbalance may be missed.

  2. 2.Blood Sugar System: Blood sugar balance is a very important player in keeping the ecosystem of the body stable so that all of the physiology of the different cells and organ systems can take place. When the blood sugar of the body becomes too low, the body must prioritize maintaining its energy and focuses on pulling out it’s energy stores to stabilize basic life functions, at the expense of other important metabolic health functions. High blood sugar, on the other hand, leads to a condition called insulin resistance. This is a condition in which the body has difficulty getting insulin into the cells. Many health conditions have insulin resistance as a common foundational factor. If you are suffering from an illness or symptom, knowing what your blood sugar condition is will allow you to take actions that will contribute to your body being able to make the necessary corrections for you to heal.

  3. 3.Hormonal System: This is a very delicate system in that the endocrine and hormonal system of the body adjusts itself in minute and incremental ways depending on the immediate needs of the body. Because of this delicate balance, hormones should only be taken or externally introduced to the body when all hope of the body performing this function are lost. It is impossible to give or take a hormone in the amount that the body would make itself in response to the ever changing needs of the body and the hormone. Evaluating the hormone and endocrine system and restoring the natural physiology of this system allows the body to oversee the exact amounts and interconnections of hormones. Hormones are messengers for the cells to perform specific tasks. Without hormonal balance the body is at a loss to preform the tasks required to maintain optimal health. This system is greatly effected and influenced by the adrenal and blood sugar systems.

  4. 4.pH System: The pH of the body is another very specific system that tightly regulates the body’s ability to preform optimally. In most cases of illness the body’s tissues have become too acidic. This creates an environment in which undesirable bacteria, viruses, and cancers can grow freely, leaving the body compromised to preform healthy functions. One of the most life giving practices you can adopt is to maintain optimal pH balance in the body. The pH of the urine should be between 7 and 7.5. It can easily be checked at home with pH test strips made for this purpose. pH test strips can be purchased at our office and at most pharmacies.

  5. 5.Gastrointestinal System: The gastrointestinal health of the body is critical to the overall health of the body. It performs many different functions from the well known digestion and absorption of food, but also the little known concept that more serotonin is produced by the gastrointestinal system than in the brain. It can then be easily seen how the gastrointestinal system has a direct relationship to such conditions as depression. It also directly relates to allergies and heart disease.

  6. 6.Liver/Detox System: The liver has many important functions in the body. It works to maintain equilibrium in the body by stabilizing the blood sugar. It also turns fat soluble substances, such as estrogen, to a water soluble form so it can be released from the body. When the liver loses it’s ability to function optimally, hormones and other substances that should be moved out of the body are unable to be excreted and become pollutants that eventually cause harm.

  7. 7.Microbial System: There are microbes, such as some types of bacteria, that work in partnership with the body to promote health. There are also microbes that bring about disease in the body. The environment of the body determines which bacteria and other microbes thrive and which ones do not. Adding healthy bacteria to the body in the form of probiotic can be a helpful practice, however, if the body’s environment is not hospitable to these “good” bacteria, they will not proliferate and thrive. Along the same lines, avoiding foods that cause yeast over growth is a good idea, however, when the environment of the body is such that the yeast cannot thrive, this is when a yeast condition ceases to exists. Until the environment is corrected the yeast will always be a battle to keep under control. One of the easiest ways to tell if your environment is healthy is to test your pH. See the short video on pH and the microbial system.

“Squeaky Window Syndrome”

We can compare the foundation of the body to the foundation of a house. Lets, say that part of the foundation of the house is becoming weak and unable to perform it’s job of keeping the structure of the house stable. We may begin to notice that a window in the house starts to become difficult to open and close. So, we have the best carpenters and widow experts in the field come and take a look at our window and they are all in agreement. They tell us that without a doubt we have - Squeaky Window Syndrome. (AKA - SWS) Each of them has seen it before and all give their recommendations for dealing with it. Depending on their area of expertise they suggest everything from lubricating the window with silicone to taking the window completely out and replacing it.

Either way if the foundation of the house continues to weaken it will cause further problems in the window and spread to other areas of the house.

Correcting the foundation of the house allows corrections made to the window to be stable and secure.