5 Small Dieting Tips That Make A big Difference

5 Small Dieting Tips That Make A big Difference

Diets dont always work just by following the ‘manual’. Sometimes its the small changes that you make in addition to the actual diet that will get the fat loss flowing and stop you hitting any plateau. Here are 5 of the best that should help you on your way!

1. Weigh your self every day

A lot of people think its enough to weigh themselves once a week. In fact certain diets such as Weight Watchers encourage this. But they are wrong, wrong, wrong! The only way you are going to lose weight is if you are aware of what is happening to your body each day. If you pig out one night and put on a pound, the only way you will learn your lesson is if you wake up the next day and see the result of your feasting. Then you have a chance to do something about it straight away! Also, it is very encouraging to see your weight loss daily – sure you wont lose a pound every day, so buy some decent digital scales and then you can watch even the minutest of changes occur. They are not expensive and are well worth it.

2. Look for healthier alternatives

Just like lent, try and give up one or two things that you really enjoy – Tea or Coffee with milk and sugar for example. When i swapped white tea for black tea and soda for diet soda i began to lose an extra pound of weight a week. I drank a lot of rubbish and my body paid for it. Sure, i dint like black tea to begin with, but after a while a honestly started to prefer it – its funny how you adjust.

3. Make small life style adjustments

Ok not everyone is going to have time to do sports everyday, or even go for a jog – but try walking up stairs where you would usually take a lift, or walking to the near by shops where you would usually drive. Wander around the office when you are on a break instead of sitting down. Just swap little things here and there for for a tiny bit of exercise. It adds really does add up and it will show!

4. Keep a journal of what you eat

I know its a pain writing down everything you eat, but if you do you will be able to analyze your bad eating habits and find out why the weight isnt coming off. There are a few free ones on the internet you could find using google that will also count the calories for you automatically. You wont ever regret taking the time out to do this

5. Drink lots of water

For a good reason 8 glasses of water are recommended daily by health experts. Water flushes toxins out of our body, actually stop water retention so makes us look thinner and helps increase the bodies metabolism meaning you will burn fat faster. Its good for your general health aswell as weight loss so make sure you drink plenty!

With these tips and a healthy diet your weight loss should become that little bit easier. It will take time so don’t be discouraged by lack of results. Just stick with it, look back every day at what you ate and did the previous day and see if you can improve upon it at all. Good luck!

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