Jane Cosmetics and What Will Happen Now to the Business

Jane Cosmetics and What Will Happen Now to the Business

Many fans of Jane cosmetics already know that they filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy in April of last year, and I’m sure there are just as many fans of the company who are surprised to find that fact out. No matter what side of the fence you are on, you will likely want to know what you can expect from your favorite cosmetics company in the future so here is a quick look at what they have planned for life after bankruptcy.

What Happened?
In early 2009 Jane Cosmetics declared chapter eleven bankruptcy to restructure their business and make another attempt at success. They declared zero to fifty thousand dollars in assets, and liabilities of one to ten million. They where a twenty five million dollar in revenue per year company, and it is likely that the economic slump is to blame for the drop in profits afflicting the company. People in general are spending less on luxury items, and this company along with many others has felt the squeeze of a bad economy. Cosmetics in general are not selling well, mostly because people have to eat before they can buy make up, and if you yourself have lost your job you are less likely to need to wear cosmetics in the first place.

Where Are They Going From Here?
Jane Cosmetics seems to be restructuring, and intends to go forward and attempt to pull itself straight on out of this financial setback. With bankruptcy protection they will be able to get on reasonably sound financial feet and begin to rebuild the company, once again offering a quality product at a reasonable price for their consumers.

How Do I Get Jane Cosmetics?
There are many places offering discontinued Jane Cosmetics, and many can be found on the internet. Many companies who used to carry the product are selling it out of their stocks, and some really great deals can be had for those in the right place at the right time. Try your local provider, and ask if they still have any in stock. Jane Cosmetics online should also be able to help you out, as they are still up and going; it is assumable with new management. Only time will tell if they will offer the same quality product they used to before the company filed for chapter eleven, or if loyal customers will stand by them.

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