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Abdominal fat has been linked to many serious ailments and has been identifies as the most dangerous fat in the human body. Losing fat around the middle is a priority for many. We can enjoy a much more healthy existence, feel energetic and lively and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by doing a few simple exercises.

Burn Belly Fat by Cardio Exercises:

Burn belly fat cardio

Cardio exercises are varied and there is no single exercise that can be picked out as the best. Cardio exercise includes gardening, mowing and lawn, playing with children, long walks and treks, etc. You can choose any form which is most enjoyable and suited to your schedule. We can combine these exercise effectively with socializing, for example, we can join a group exercise at a club or exercise class. Whichever type of exercise we chose, we have to ensure that we exercise at least for 5 hours a week and that we remain faithful to our schedule.

Cardio exercises enable us to burn fat from all parts of the body. Our bodies are genetically predisposed to gaining fat in particular places. Cardio can help you lose fat all over your body – which is good, because to burn fat around your belly, you have to burn it everywhere.

Exercise to Burn Belly Fat: Building Core Strength

Core Strength

We can now how flat and trim stomachs without being force into an endless routine of strenuous crunches and sit ups. Instead of straining ourselves doing these heavy exercises, there are numerous variations to these that will not only make exercising fun but will help us to burn those extra pounds around the belly much faster. The American Council on exercise (ACE) advises a switch over the vertical leg crunches in the place of the normal crunches. We can do these by lying on our backs and raising our legs to a 45 degree position.

Crunches and lifting legs performed with an exercise ball are extremely effective in developing core strength. All of our core muscles are exercised by routines involving an exercise ball because it compels us to employ all of our core muscles to maintain balance. While using an exercise ball it is important to develop our back muscles as well in order to provide symmetry to our muscles.

Burn Belly Fat Exercise: Yoga

Yoga for belly fat

Yoga helps to build core strength and simultaneously reduces stress. Yoga can target the muscles of the abdomen and control the flow of stress building hormones. It is among the best exercise to burn belly fat. Stress has the effect of directing our bodies towards self-preservation. In stressful times, the body releases a hormone called cortisol, which induces the buildup of fat making the person gain a prominent waist. This reaction is a legacy of the ancient times where man had to endure long periods of famine.

Yoga teaches techniques of breath control and stretching exercises done with the aim of relaxing all the muscles in the body. Yoga, while reducing the production cortisol, also makes our minds calm, slows our heart rate and reduces our blood pressure.

Besides the overall benefits to the body, Yoga has specific poses which are specifically aimed to toning the abdominal muscles and burning fat around the midsection.

A combination of cardio exercises, exercises for building your core strength and yoga will help you gain that much desired slim waist. Simultaneously it will improve your health and effectively deal with stress in your life.

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